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Xinhua Bookstore: Xindu Building, Wei Jin Road, Nankai District.

Yuancheng xuefu bookstore: Building 8, Xuehuli, yuquan road, Nankai District

Tianjin University Taobao bookstore: 50 meters north of Hubin road, Nankai District

—Higher Education Press Bookstore: it locates at the back of North Library, Tianjin University (Weijin Road Campus), and sells various types of textbooks.

—Bookstore at the underground of No. 4 Canteen: mainly sells newspapers, magazines, as well as textbooks.

—Rulin Bookstore & Yuedu Bookstore: it locates at the Scholar Apartment, West Gate of Nankai University.

——Tianjin Books Building: it is one of China’s largest books building which sells books, audio products and videos, education, sports, entertainment, leisure in one location. It locates at No. 362, Dagu South Road, Hexi District, Tianjin.