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  • School Canteen


Weijin Road Campus currently has four student canteens, respectively, No.3 Canteen, No. 4 Canteen (Go Believe a traditional Tianjin food on the 3th floor), No.5 Canteen and Muslim Canteen (on the 2nd floor of No.5 Canteen). Peiyang Park Campus has six student canteens, and No.6 Canteen (Ju Yuan) is a Muslim canteen.


Canteen Environment in Tianjin University


  • Restaurants on the Surrounding


Around Weijin Road Campus

— Times Digital Plaza: a variety of food, suitable for dinner

Address: No.259 Anshan West Road, Nankai District, Tianjin

— Zhua Fan Xinjiang Taste: Muslim restaurant, authentic taste

Address: No.32, Shuxiang Garden, North and South Street, Wande Zhuang, Nankai District, Tianjin

— Chengdu Memories: hot pot, grilled fish, Sichuan taste, as well as portable lunch

Address: beside Building No. 4, Four Season Village, Weijn Road Campus (near west gate)

— Baoshengyuan Dumplings: you can enjoy the traditional Chinese food–a variety of delicious


Address: west gate, Weijin Road Campus

— Balitai Food Street: you can enjoy a variety of Chinese and Tianjin food and snacks.

Address: No. 155. Bolian Building, opposite of East Gate, Weijin Road Campus

Around Peiyang Park Campus

Yuetan Commercial Center: there is a large food square inside and many unique restaurants, which is a good choice for your shopping and dining.

Address: No.174 Jingu Street, Jinnan District, Tianjin

Baoshengyuan Dumplings             Times Digital Plaza