Chinese international education system

Department head: Ma Zhiyao   Deputy director: Yang Aifen   Deputy director: Yang Na

The Department is mainly responsible for the teaching and research work of the Chinese language in the International Education Institute. At the same time also has a Spanish Department, Department of German, French department, provide language teaching and training for public school teachers and students.



The Training Center provides Chinese language training for Chinese language learners of long-term of short-term study. There are more than 30 teachers with rich experience on teaching Chinese language. The Training Center has formed a large education area from beginning classes to advanced classes, which can meet different needs of different Chinese language learners. There are rich courses including obligatory courses (20 teaching hours per week), and all kinds of elective courses like HSK course, Business Chinese, Writing, Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Seal Cutting, Chinese Song, and Chinese movie. We have flexible teaching methods and interesting activities here which is very favored by the students.



Preparatory education department 
Director:  Dong Jie Vice director: Wang Yeqi, Li Jing

This department is in charge of preparatory education of Chinese government scholarship students and self-supporting students. The department offers General Chinese courses and specialized Chinese courses in mathematics, physics and chemistry to make students can live in China, and provides academic preparation for admission to Chinese universities. The department constructs a system blended with basic Chinese courses, science and technology Chinese courses and mathematics, physics and chemistry in Chinese, at the same time intensive teaching and specialized teaching are highlighted. Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese listening, Chinese characters, Chinese speaking, science and Technology Chinese, mathematics, physics, chemistry are offered. The Department has more than 20 full-time and part-time teachers who have abundant teaching experience.