Confucius Institute

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Confucius institute in Bratislava (CIB)


Confucius institute in Bratislava (CIB) was founded in May 2007 in Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, which is the first Confucius institute in Slovakia.

It is set up as a cultural Confucius institute, mainly engaged in Chinese language teaching and cultural communication, and committed to become a center and platform for communication between China-CEEC universities. Based on this platform, our university has successfully held the "Slovak Day" and "Three Tours" activities, making a certain contribution to promoting Chinese language, spreading Chinese culture and promoting the friendship between the Chinese and Slovakian people.

The Confucius Institute at The University of Queensland (The UQ Confucius Institute)


The UQ Confucius Institute was established in November 2010 at the university of Queensland in Brisbane. 

It is a Confucius institute of science and technology, mainly committed to explore the construction and management mode of Confucius institute in the science and engineering college. As a bridgehead, the Confucius institute provides a broad platform for both universities and regions of multi-level research cooperation and communication, contributing to scholar exchange of visits and academic exchanges and research cooperation and student exchange programs with science and engineering specialty.



Confucius Institute Cote d'Azur


Confucius Institute Cote d'Azur was founded in December 2016 at the university of Nice in France. Four Chinese teaching sites have been launched at present.

It is a commercial Confucius institute. Relying on the advantages of the cote d 'azur region, Confucius Institute Cote d'Azur is committed to serving the Chinese teaching needs of universities, government agencies, enterprises and business associations in the region, so as to promote the development of regional economy and Sino-French trade cooperation.