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Tianjin University, previously known as Peiyang University, was the first modern university in China. Since it was established in 1895, it has been an academic leader in research and teaching, living up to the university motto of “Seeking Truth from Facts”.

The university was renamed Tianjin University (TJU) in 1951. In 1959, it became one of the first National Key Universities and in later years was among the first group of universities to be included in the “211” and “985” projects which aim at developing world-class universities. TJU is equipped with experienced faculty and has distinctive disciplinary features. It is committed to constantly improving its education quality and level of scientific research in an effort to maintain its position as a world-class institution.

TJU welcomed its first batch of international students in the 1920s. Since then it has been home to more than 20,000 international students from over 140 countries/regions, and has become one of the best universities to study in China.


Academic and Research Excellence

TJU was the first in China to fully adopt a western style university education system. Over the 122 years, it has established a reputation as one of the leading research and teaching centers in China. TJU researchers push the frontiers in science and technology by continuous innovation, in-line with the new global paradigm. TJU takes great pride in new technologies such as oceanic explorations, medical instrumentation, environmental engineering, life science etc. 


Five Nobel Laureates Share Inspiration in Scientific Careers at Symposium in Tianjin University


Vibrant Campus

TJU’s student life is a vibrant melting pot covering:

Broad spectrum of sports and recreation facilities

 Nearly 300 student clubs and societies
 Music opportunities almost every week
 Socializing in trendy restaurants, coffee shops and bars
 Convenient stay with on-campus apartments, supermarkets, post-office, banks, etc. 
Scholarships and Awards
TJU offers a variety of scholarships and awards to financially support qualified international students with excellent academic performance, such as Chinese Government Scholarships, Confucius Institute Scholarships, Tianjin Government Scholarships, Tianjin University Scholarships, etc.

Low Cost of Living

About 120 kilometers away or 30 minutes by inter-city express train from Beijing, the capital of China, Tianjin enjoys the convenience as Beijing’s neighbor, and has a much lower cost of living compared with other cities, such as Shanghai and Beijing.

Accommodation: RMB 1200-1800/month

Food: RMB 750-1000/month

Public Transportation: RMB 150-200/month

Phone: RMB 50-100/month

         (50% cheaper than in Beijing/Shanghai)



Career and Internship Opportunities 

As the permanent host city of the Summer Davos Forum, Tianjin is now an economic center, the largest international port city and the eco city in Northern China. With the national strategies of Tianjin Binhai New Area, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration and Tianjin Free Trade Zone, a number of leading companies have their branches, R&D centers or even headquarters in Tianjin, which bring plenty of job offers and internship opportunities.