Bid for Residence Permit

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X1 Visas must be converted to residence permit within 30 days from the date of entry. Specific procedures are as follows:

A: Please go to the designated Physical Examination Center to complete the physical examination process.

B: Go to Office 211 of the School of International Education, collect and fill the "Foreigners Visa Application Form". (2 copies)

C: Take the following documents to Tianjin Public Security Bureau of Immigration:

Passport, Admission letter, JW201 or JW202 form, Visa Application Form (2 copies), Physical Examination Form, Off-campus Registration card (students living in Weijin Road Campus do not need this card), one passport-sized photo, Barcode.

Tianjin Public Security Bureau of Immigration Address: 19, Shou'an Street, Hebei District, Tianjin.

Directions: From Weijin Road Campus, you can take Bus 8 at Qilitai Bus Station, or from Peiyang Park Campus, TianjinDaxueXinxiaoQuDongMen (Tianjin University New Campus East gate) Bus station, you can take bus 615 and get off at YiShiFengQingQu Bus station, Walk 170 metres towards the West direction, then along Shou'an Street, walk 175 metres (north-east) to get to the final destination.



Family Visa

While studying in China, if you need a family member to accompany you, you need to write an invitation letter and also request for “Proof of Enrolment” at Office 212 of the School of International Education. The Invitation letter and Proof of Enrolment should be mailed to the family member, these documents will be required in order for the family member to apply for Private Visa in the Chinese embassy of his/her home country. After entry, Visa extension will be processed by the school on behalf of the family member.

Processing: Office 211, Tianjin University School of International Education.

Contact person: Zhao Laoshi

Tel: 0086-22-87401889.