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A. procedures on How to deal with students medical insurance

 1. Full scholarship students will be uniformly handled by school, insurance premium fee will be covered by the school.

2. Self-support students must also handle insurance formalities when registering for the school yea. Students individually pay 400 yuan half a year or 800 yuan a year. You need to bring your passport to purchase insurance.

Location: Room 211, Building 10, Service Hall, 2nd Floor, Remaining Garden.

Please log in the website ( to check your insurance information after one to two weeks.

B. Students emergency insurance coverage

For the reasonable medical expenses incurred in outpatient and emergency treatment, the insurance company shall be liable for 85% of the payment that is beyond accumulative 650RMB within the same period of insurance, limited to 600RMB per day (same hospital and same department) and an accumulative amount of 20,000RMB. The insurance liability shall be terminated once the accumulative amount of payment reaches the sum insured.

Working time: Each year May 15th - June 1st, December 1st - December 15th, 211 office, 10 Building

C. Full scholarship,self-supported students hospitalization and medical insurance:

If diagnosis confirms that the insured must be hospitalized for treatment because of an accident or illness the insurance company shall be liable for the full(100%) payment of the “hospitalization and medical insurance” with regard to the actual and reasonable expenses for medical treatment including special examination and treatment, operation, medicine, treatment, laboratory test, radiation, etc. Sum total is limited to 400,000RMB.

D. Guide for medical insurance

1. Service procedure

 2. Files required to claim

3. Formula for insurance claim



1. Hospitals for treatment are limited to the public hospitals within mainland china and items and expenses that can be reimbursed should in accordance with the scope of local regulations of social basic medical insurance.

2. Where in one insured incident, the insured has to be treated in two or more hospitals, relevant documents such as diagnosis certificate and medical record from relevant hospitals shall be presented.

For details of insurance, please visit the Overseas Student Insurance Network (