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Multicultural Research and Psychological Consultation Center

Dear students:

Our Multicultural Research and Psychological Consultation Center is opened.

If you have any experience in foreign culture, you could tell us, we are willing to listen;

If you have any difficulty couldn’t face alone, you could tell us, we are willing to help;

If you have any confusing, you could share with us, we are willing to carry with you.

We would understand and listen to your heart in special and professional ways.

We are more than your teachers, we are your friends too.

It’s our responsibility to use our knowledge, and hearts lead you to a brighter day.

Founded in 2009, the Psychological Consultation Center is the first psychological consultation center in China to be open to international students, and to introduce the " Sandplay therapy" for international students to carry out psychological consultation services.

Psychological Consultation Center mainly focus on cross-cultural adaptation, academic pressure, interpersonal relationship, emotional management, love psychology and other issues of foreign students. We provide individual consultation services and organize various group counseling activities on different topics from time to time to help foreign students integrate into Chinese culture and adapt to the learning life of Tianjin University as soon as possible. In a multicultural environment, foreign students should respect each other, learn from each other and learn to respond scientifically to improve the ability to suffer setbacks in learning and living problems.





1Mental health survey

2Group Sandplay therapy

3Individual consultation


Work-in office: Our psychology professors are willing to solve your confusion and trouble.

Arrange appointments: 9:00AM-4:00PM; Monday-Friday

On the Internet: You can write down your thoughts or feelings as an Email and sent it 

We would reply you as soon as possible.

Address: Tianjin University Youyuan, Old Campus

Tel: 022-27400279


Note: The Psychological Consultation Center keeps the appointment and consultation information secret for visitors.