Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I plan to apply for scholarship to study in TJU, what should I do? 

A: Please visit our website at http://sie.tju.edu.cn/en/jxj/zgzfjxj/ for more details of our scholarship programs, including Supporting Categories, Scholarship Coverage, Requirement, Deadline, Application Procedure & Document, etc.


Q: I intend to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship, which one should I apply for?
A: Please note the differences between 2 Chinese Government Scholarship programs:

Bilateral Program

Chinese University Program  
Tips for applying for Chinese Government Scholarship


Q: I am interested in Undergraduate Programs/Chinese Language Programs/Non-degree Scholar Programs. Which scholarship should I apply for?
A: Please apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship - Bilateral Program.

NOTE: Applicants with Chinese Language educational background could click Confucius Institute Scholarship for reference.


Q: What is the application deadline, and when the scholarship result will be announced?
A: Applicants for Chinese University Program should submit the application between November  and March; and the final list of scholarship winners will be published in late June.
Applicants for Bilateral Program should submit the application to the dispatching authorities in their home countries before April each year; before July 31st, the List of Scholarship Winners and Admission document will be forwarded by China Scholarship Council to dispatching authorities for scholarship winners.


Q: Am I eligible to apply for scholarship?
A: Generally, students with GPA over 2.8/4 or 3.5/5 or 70/100 are eligible to apply for scholarship.


Q: Should I apply online?
A:  For both Chinese University Program and Bilateral Program, please apply at http://www.campuschina.org/ 

Q: What is the Agency Number?
A: The Agency Number of TJU is 10056, which is only valid for applications for Chinese University Program.
Note: Applicants for Bilateral Program should consult the dispatching authority in the home country for the designated Agency Number.


Q: For scholarship application, should I pay any fee?
A: If you are applying for Chinese University Program at TJU, you do not need to pay the Application Fee.
If you are applying for scholarship/sponsorship through the other dispatching authorities, no fee would be charged by TJU.


Q: Can I apply for the Pre-admission Letter of TJU in order to apply for scholarship?
A: Only those applicants who apply for Chinese Government Scholarship - Bilateral Program will need and be issued this Letter from TJU.

More details, please click Pre-admission Letter.
Note: Applicants for Chinese University Program should not apply for this Letter, or the application would be regarded as for Bilateral Program. 
Q: What is the difference between a Pre-admission Letter (issued by TJU International Admissions Office) and an Acceptance Letter (signed by the Professor)?

A: A Pre-admission Letter is issued by the Admission Team of International Admissions Office to support your scholarship/sponsorship application to the other authorities, such as dispatching authorities in your home country when you apply for Bilateral Program. So this Pre-admission Letter would not be provided to the applicant of Chinese University Program for submitting it back to the Admission Team.

While an Acceptance Letter is a letter signed by a professor in the School/Department, which shows that the professor would like to accept you as one of his/her prospective students. It would be helpful to your further scholarship/sponsorship application, including Bilateral Program and Chinese University Program.


Q: Should I find a supervisor in advance? And how can I contact professors in my field?
A: We would suggest applicants for Chinese University Program contact a supervisor in advance.

Please refer to the information in schools and colleges.

Q: Should I mail the Hard Copy of my application documents to TJU?
A: For Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Programplease mail the hard copy to TJU.

For other scholarships, please apply online through International Student Management System of Tianjin University (Click tju.at0086.cn/student)


Q: Should I send my application documents to China Scholarship Council (CSC)?
A: CSC is NOT entitled to accept any individual applications for any Chinese Government Scholarship programs. Please DO NOT submit your application to CSC directly.