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Nomination List of 2020 Tianjin Government Scholarship

Release time: 2020-06-24      Source:
Dear Scholarship Applicants


According to the evaluation of TJU Scholarship Committee, we are glad to announce that the following 178 applicants are the nominees of 2020 Tianjin Government Scholarship.

If you cannot find your name on the Nomination List, it means that you did not pass the SIE Preliminary Examination. For those students who did not meet the Eligibility Requirements this year, there is still an opportunity to apply next year.

Please note that being on the nomination list doesn’t necessarily mean you will get the scholarship. The ultimate winners need to pass the Final Assessment by Tianjin Government. Due to the limited scholarship capacity, for the nominees who fail during the Final Assessment Process, we will transfer them into Tianjin University International Student Scholarship.

Tianjin University will continue offering various scholarships and financial support to help our students from muti-cultural backgrounds reach their potential and level the playing field for all.

Please pay close attention to our website and your E-mail before August for any updated information.

Congratulations on the nomination and look forward to meeting you in autumn.



School of International Education

Tianjin University

June 24, 2020


Attachment:Nomination List of 2020 Tianjin Government Scholarship