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Student Interview

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Student interview-Francis Miyoba

Release time: 2015-10-14      Source:

My name is Francis Miyoba, I come from Zambia. I have been studying Chinese language  in Tianjin University for a year and my experience  of living and studying in Tianjin University proved to be culturally enriching. Chinese culture is deeply intertwined with Chinese language. Learning Chinese is not only learning the language, but also getting in contact with a fascinating and complex world. The improvement of our language skills has proved to be an important asset, since it will open new doors to Chinese culture, ranging from typical music to regional cuisines. Studying Chinese and living in Tianjin University has been a challenging and pleasant experience. The program and the teaching method of Tianjin University School of International studies are both excellent, the contents are appropriate and the teachers are highly qualified, moreover the university personnel have shown efficiency and kindness in every situation. The environment is conducive and impacted our learning positively.

The university not only had extracurricular activities but also organised trips to help us deeply understand both china as a country and it's culture.

We visited places like the Great Wall of China and some other famous places in china.

Finally I would like to recommend to everyone planning to study in china to choose Tianjin university, it will greatly impact your learning Chinese language skills and your overall experience as a foreign student in china.