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MEHR FARYAL: Be Adventurous and Ambitious

Release time: 2019-10-14      Source:

Mehr Faryal, is a girl from Pakistan with enormous interest in Chinese culture. She majored in environmental science and engineering at Tsinghua University and earned a master’s degree there. While studying at Tsinghua University, she participated in the “International Students Focus on China”, an activity held by the Ministry of Education and went to Qinghai Province with other nine schoolmates to take part in a cultural exercise. “This activity enriched my understanding of Chinese people and culture profoundly and to a certain extent accounted for my decision to continue my doctoral study in China.” Faryal said. After graduation from Tsinghua University, she chose to apply to study in Tianjin University for her doctoral degree in environmental science and engineering.

“I chose to study environmental science because I want to do something to reduce water pollution.” Farval will focus her study on water modeling and improving water quality.

“I am an adventurous person and look forward to my studies in Tianjin University.” Farval intends to remain in China for the foreseeable future.