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Vyacheslav and Ilya: To Study in China, to Feel China

Release time: 2019-10-14      Source:

On the second floor of Liuyuan dining hall, two handsome boys with a striking resemblance to each other were especially eye-catching.

Vyacheslav Gariev and Ilya Gariev are brothers from Sochi, Russia. Vyacheslav, the taller brother was admitted to Tianjin University’s School of International Education, to study Chinese Language and Literature last year. This year, Vyacheslav brought his younger brother to the same university to attend the preparatory program.

Vyacheslav and Ilya are Russian-Jews. Vyacheslav has an attractive smile and is willing to make friends with others, while Ilya is a shy boy who prefers to be quiet and reflective. The elder brother is a remarkable boxer and has won a municipal boxing championship back in Russia. What's more, he used to work as a model as a part-time job. As for Ilya, he loves chess and has won the championship on behalf of Sochi in Russia.

The two boys have been interested in Chinese when they were kids. One of the most important reasons for them to choose China is the long-established culture and delicacies. Since they came here with their parents a few years ago, they were both attracted by the long history and splendid culture in China. They like the convenience of express delivery, mobile payment and bicycle-sharing. Both are determined to study Chinese as well as they can and stay in China for future development.