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Student Interview

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Student interview-Maili

Release time: 2015-10-14      Source:

Hello, my name is Maili, from Tonga. I came to Tianjin University in September to learn Chinese, and it has been a year now. When I arrived, can’t able to say a Chinese sentence even a word, go out to buy things is also very difficult, at that time I think Chinese is difficult to learn, even a little regret coming here. But with patience and care of the teachers, I try to overcome difficulties, and now I'm more and more interested in Chinese.


Today, I would like to acknowledge Tianjin University International School of Education, you have patience and enthusiasm for us, to treat the work seriously and responsible, not only concerned about our learning situation, but also more concerned about our physical health, psychological changes. Not only has taught us knowledge, but also taught us the right way to learn. In addition to learning, the school also organized a lot of extra-curricular activities. For example, the Chinese character contest, speech contest, etc..


In order to deepen our understanding of China and the Chinese culture, the school organized us to go to the Summer Palace, the Great Wall to visit, we have a very good time.


In addition to the training of the school, I would also like to thank CSC for giving us this scholarship, so that we have the opportunity to learn from China, has been a good education.


Thank you!