Master in Civil Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

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This program aims to cultivate future graduate students and help them grasp the fundamental theory of mathematics and mechanics, get an in-depth and systematic understanding of the knowledge and meet the research frontiers in the three majors - civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, naval architecture and ocean engineering.


Graduate students from this program are expected to have capabilities in the following three important aspects: (1) the ability to integrate and apply basic, professional knowledge in their fields to solve engineering problems in related fields; (2) the ability to skillfully participate in technology developing and managing of large-scale engineering projects; (3) the ability to independently and creatively conduct scientific research in their fields.


General Degree Courses  (14 credits) 

Major-related Degree Courses  (5credits)

Major-related Optional Courses  (at least 10 credits, including 1 cross-disciplinary course for 2 credits)


Graduation thesis, 6 credits 

Students are required to obtain at least 35 credits, with 14 credits of general degree courses, 5 credits of major-related degree courses, 10 credits of major-related optional courses, and 6 credits of graduation thesis or project report.